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Patron - Mr John Millin

This is the website of the Freedom Flame, Hull. We have been entrusted with bringing the Flame of Liberation from the Dutch town of Wageningen to Kingston upon Hull, in the UK, for the very first time. This initiative is in the spirit of international cameraderie and co-operation; our aim being to bring the communities of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom closer together while facilitating charitable works in the name of goodwill.

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Hull Normandy Veterans Association were given the honour of collecting the Dutch Flame of Liberation Dutch 4th and 5th May Committeefrom Wageningen at midnight of May 4th/5th 2014. After bringing the Flame to Kingston upon Hull on May 8th 2014 (the 69th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe) the Flame was then presented to the Leader of Hull City Council before exhibition in Princes Quay, Hull.

We maintain the eternally burning Freedom Flame as a mother flame which is avaulable for any compatible cause to be used for charitable purposes and to promote freedom, peace and unity between people and nations.

The good people of the City of Kingston upon Hull have a deep seated history of fighting for what is right and good. From the English Civil War to William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery, Hull has a long standing tradition of fighting for Freedom, both for itself and for the good of others in the world. 

Except for the Channel Islands, we in the UK have been fortunate not to be occupied and thus have never been liberated. This made naming the Flame and making it relevant to the United Kingdom in the 21st Century very difficult. The words "Torch of Unity" had been coined in 1948 when the original Torch was lit by Field-Marshall Bernard Montgomery and it is in that ethic that we now operate.


In his speech Montgomery Flame of Liberation Wageningen said:

"Let us be strong in the resolve to stand firmly for freedom and justice in an unsettled world"

Those words are as pertinent today as they were in 1948.

This project has the ultimate aim of acting as a catalyst for celebration of the Freedoms attained by Liberation, it is for that reason that we have adopted the name The Freedom Flame.

The Dutch Flame of Liberation burns eternally on this monument in Wageningen. 70 Years of Freedom



2015, being the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, presents a significant timepoint. It offers opportunity for further bonds to be forged between nations once considered enemies. The Wageningen45 committee are working with us to be part of that movement and to create a further tradition of international co-operation and unity for the future. In 2015, the Hull based Freedom Flame was used to start Dutch national Liberation celebrations, a unique event, as the first time that Wageningen welcomed back its travelling offspring.

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